Are you looking for a reliable and experienced technology and lifestyle blogger as cooperation partners? Then you are exactly right with In our media-kit-english we tell you why.

About us

The project Northerndelight emerged in 2009 from the idea of presenting exciting products to our readers and reporting on our experiences in a blog. However, we quickly realized that a lot about the topic of technology and lifestyle is not so easy to describe with just some pictures and a text, so we use our existing YouTube channel very quickly to supplement the blog posts with explanatory videos. We are Holger Petersen and Gunnar Pfeiffer.

The main target group of our blog are male visitors (about 65%) aged 25-54 years with a better income. The focus of Northerndelight is on the presentation of products from the consumer electronics and lifestyle accessory sector.

Collaborations with Northerndelight

Northerndelight focuses on reviews of consumer electronics and lifestyle accessories. Our reviews consist of a detailed blog post and a video (or sometimes several) in which the product is presented and its operation / handling is explained. Further distribution is via Twitter and Instagram.

We are also happy to be part of your product launch and other events and report afterwards about it. Feel free to contact us.

Our reviews of your products

We test the products you provide to us in everyday situations, not in a test lab, and we write our articles in a language that a normal user should understand. Maybe we will not get into every little technical detail, but after a product review, our readers and viewers should be able to decide for themselves whether to buy the product or not. We only present products that we can recommend with the best of our knowledge and belief. In our reviews, we always give only our own opinion about the product. We will not represent anything as good or very good, which does not deserve this award. Our opinion is not for sale.

If you provide us with a product for testing, then we would like to keep it afterwards, because many readers still have questions after years that we otherwise couldn’t answer. The product you give us is also the reward for our work (and it’s usually a lot of work) and the free blog post and video we create, which is also a great promotion for your company and your product. Exceptions prove the rule, so for example, if we test a car, then we might be happy to keep it, but of course we know it’s not realistic :)

Social media

Of course, in the case of working with you, we will always use our SocialMedia channels (see below) to maximize the reach of the blog post and YouTube video.

Good to know

We always write our blog posts ourselves and all photos of the products are always made by us. We do not publish press releases, only unique content written by us. We are happy to link our articles to your website or into your online shop, while strictly adhering to the existing Google guidelines. If we have received a consideration for a contribution, external links are always set as nofollow (we make no exceptions). Contributions for which we are paid are also marked as advertising in accordance with German legislation.

Our Collaboration partners

Here are just a few of our previous collaboration partners.

  • Artwizz GmbH, Berlin
  • devolo AG, Aachen
  • Dyson GmbH, Köln
  • Enjoyyourcamera GmbH, Hannover
  • E.ON Energy Deutschland GmbH, München
  • Gardena GmbH, Ulm
  • Jabra – GN Audio Germany GmbH, Rosenheim
  • Just Mobile e.K., Berlin
  • Paulmann Licht GmbH, Springe-Völksen
  • Quooker Deutschland GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • RHA Technologies Ltd, Glasgow
  • Tchibo GmbH, Hamburg
  • Rollei GmbH & Co. KG, Norderstedt

Social Stats


Reach & Engagement

24.300 visits/month

We stopped using statistics from Google Analytics some time ago for privacy reasons, so the following numbers are from the very last statistics from Google Analytcs.

Location of Followers

78,6 % Germany
6,9 %
5,1 %

Gender of Followers

78 % male
22 % female

Age ranges

18 – 24: 13,5 %
25 – 34: 21,2 %
35 – 44: 22 %
45 – 54: 21,9 %
55 – 64: 11,6 %
65+: 9,1 %


Reach & Engagement

5.500+ Followers
109 videos
5.800.000+ channel views

16.000.000+ impressions
45.500+ video views/month

Location of Followers

77,3 % Germany
6,5 %
4,9 %

Gender of Followers

84,9 % male
15,1 % female

Age ranges

18 – 24: 8,6 %
25 – 34: 24,1 %
35 – 44: 26,2 %
45 – 54: 21 %
55 – 64: 13,6 %
65+: 6,6 %


Reach & Engagement




Reach & Engagement

308 Follower
2.800+ tweets

Contact to Northerndelight

We are very happy if you would like to work with us.
Just write us a message with your request via our contact form.
You will receive a response from us within 24 hours.